In just a few short weeks the annual Voyager 2018 New Year’s Eve celebration will kick off its five-year anniversary with another out-of-this-world exhibition. As 2017 comes to an end, there is a lot in the works to make this year’s five-year milestone an unforgettable experience. Collaborators from the Chicago community are coming together over a three week span in December to tirelessly marry technology and various art forms in transforming our secret space into a desert ecosystem.

Joining the Canvas and Chicago community collaborators are global talents performing live at Voyager 2018.

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Nick Monaco, a transformative artist that breaks the boundaries of gender binaries, will bring Voyager to life through his smooth tempo music. Nick’s experimental beats create a sense of comfortability and humanization, offering listeners new ways to embrace sexuality and build self-confidence with his music and dancing.

Clap! Clap! is an internationally acclaimed producer and performer who blends global sounds through natural and electronic beats. His sound will keep us grounded as the music fills the atmosphere with organic feels and wavy electronic beats. Clap! Clap! aims to combine instrumental and electronic music to expand the flavors of different sounds.   

MikeQ brings not only the history, but the timeless beats of ballroom vogue to the dance floor. He produces authentic music that intertwines vogue-house music and remixed beats, creating sound edits that will keep an audience confident, dancing and engaged in his “Qween Beat label”.  

Grab your tickets to an unforgettable New Year’s celebration with performances by these talented musicians and more. Stay tuned for Phase II of the lineup drop.

For info & ticket purchase.

Photos from the artists. 

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