“This has definitely been an evolutionary process.”

I walk into Zac Hall’s living room, a space that has foregone lounge-ability for utility; an organ slid over to one corner, the only furniture reserved to a “tool couch,” loaded with equipment. In the center of the room, a tall, upright mast clamped together, the center beam awaiting the construction of the rest of what could feasibly be assumed to be either the makings of a space ship, or an interstellar shrine.

The first thing Zac does is pull out his 20,000 lumen light bulb, which I gaze upon as if it is some plutonium reactor ready to power the structure for light years to come.

Zac Hall did not originally fancy himself an artist or an architect, but accidentally found himself on the other side of the pallet after being diverted from brand marketing and asked to design a stage for Canvas for Sub Chroma 2015 and Voyager NYE 2016. You wouldn’t guess this is the DIY work of a fledgling architect based on the impressive result. Zac manages to pull off engineering feats by tapping into local resources when available, or else just doing it his damn self. As we walk into the backyard, I see the table saw Zac purchased to cut particular bevels on his pyramid scheme after not a single local woodworker would pick up the project.

“I could not find a single woodworker to take on this job. I went out and bought this saw and this digital angle reader, and I was able to learn to 3d model this myself, it’s not that hard”

Scraps of pencil-paper math back in the living room reveal themselves to be Zac’s master blueprints. All of the conceptualizing is done by hand, working with compound angles to make the pyramid structure that is faced with several two-way mirrors and custom cut to commission. There is an intimacy to the knowledge of the structure that I do not dare try to understand. In future iterations of the piece, Zac plans to drill an interplanetary sequence of starts reflecting a galaxy of his choosing, where light will perforate the mirror effect at strategic points in the structure.

Maybe you’ve seen his giant luminescent pyramids at a Sub Chroma pop up under an underpass in Chicago, or at Art Basel this past December, working with Rolling Stone.

Zac’s work does not go unnoticed, the type of structure radiating a white light that one cannot simply pass without being beamed in and irresistibly putting together a quick Instagram flex.

The Pyramid of Light Zac is producing is sure to suck you into another world at Voyager NYE 2018.

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