Transformation and the sensation of a journey in a new world. These are the hallmarks of Voyager NYE. The transformative objects that fill the event space will mirror how it feels to be alive: beautiful, surprising, & surreal at moments.

Canvas is proud to be collaborating with Jackson Pattermann and Brady Moe, the duo who together are Light Stuff, for this Voyager NYE 2018.

Pattermann, a mechanical engineer and physicist, heads up design, while Moe is the “computer genius,” as Pattermann describes—responsible for all of the programming and code.

Light Stuff boasts an impressive résume. You may have seen their installations at the Silent Disco at Electric Forest in past years, where reflective half-domes during the day transformed to iridescent warp holes after dark.

Because Pattermann “didn’t love designing springs for cars,” he decided to do more with his dual degree after attending shows and seeing visual set design at venues in his home state of Wisconsin, realizing he could do the displays one better.

With more than 100ft of LED lighting, and 1000+ LED lights, Light Stuff’s seven-foot dodecahedron “God-Diamond” is sure to be a gem in the crown of Voyager NYE 2018. The bling is a sphere made of triangles, armored with two-way mirrors, and woven with LED lighting.

Metal fabrication will be coordinated by Canvas collaborator, John Schroeder, bringing steal beams together to make the giant dodecahedron that when lit, feels as though it might have its own gravitational pull.

“When we are constructing, sometimes we have no idea what it is going to turn out like,” Jackson says through a chuckle, “it’s going to be like an unknowable kaleidoscope.”

The colossal centerpiece will literally reflect upon the Voyager experience; a deep well of light emanating from a planet with perspectives, shapes, and terrains unlike those with which we are familiar; transforming light and manipulating waves to give life unto a vast stutter-sea of light to challenge and inspire awe in the beholder of this God-Diamond.

photo: Light Stuff

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