RipRop Ep.1: Lonnie Edwards & Joe Dummit of ZigTebra

Welcome to RipRop, a brand new Chicago-based podcast where we connect artists of different mediums to talk about what they love.

Our hosts, Del Harris & Josh Dubman bring local artists together to talk inspiration, Chicago and the little things that make us tick. The one catch is that Del and Josh will be completely oblivious to who the other host is bringing onto the show, and the guests themselves will also be unaware of the other guests.

We will be referring to it as a “blind date of discussion”. Episode 1 features award winning Chicago filmmaker Lonnie Edwards and local lover of love and music maker, Joe Dummit of Zigtebra. Join in as our hosts set these prolific Chicago creators up on their blind date and discuss pursuing your art and never giving up.

For more on ZigTebra, follow them on Soundcloud and keep up with Lonnie Edwards here.

Special thanks to Fat Tongue Studio for their recording, engineering and expertise and to Flamingosis for our sweet theme music.  

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