A nervous smile stretches across his face as his eyes dart from one side of the room to the other. The muscles in his neck tense, shifting the black tattoo emblazoned across it.

It reads, “Fuck this life.”

“I come, like every other, for the American dream of trying to do your dreams . . . After you come here, and you start to get your dream, it starts to turn into a fucking nightmare,” he says, while the falcon perched on his arm surveys the room.

Sigi Gonzalez has seen rough times, but the falconer and Mexico City native still has hopes for achieving his dream of opening a skate shop some day in Chicago. His love for falconry and skateboarding provide a purpose and escape from the harsh realities of life, as well as the hope for a brighter future.

Such is the story of SIGI, a six minute short film depicting a man’s journey through the Windy City. It’s a project by director, producer, and videographer, Jacob Paul Linden aka Yakub Films or Yak. His cinematography spans inspiring and beautiful shorts, epic skate reels, and exciting music videos that personify Chicago, the world he lives in, and music he loves.

From trap music videos featuring Chicago rapper Kid Buu to nostalgic, summer tunes by Hawaiian Lion and motocross highlights reels, Yak certainly has creative range. He’s produced stunning work for Red Bull Sound Studios and captured big names like Chance the Rapper on stage at the Pitchfork music festival.

Whatever is on Yak’s radar next, it’s sure to be a solid production with quality visuals representing the best of what Chi-Town has to offer.



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