The contents of a Roy French starter pack:

  • A backwood blunt
  • A cranberry Canada Dry
  • Some dope kicks
  • A gold grill
  • A big bottle of E&J
  • A laptop,
  • A microphone
  • Some psychedelics

We know a “starter pack” as the essentials for a specific of person. It also happens to be the name of one of the standout tracks on French’s recently released EP called VROOM. After seeing Roy at a few shows and hearing VROOM, I decided to catch up with him and talk about the inspiration behind the EP and what else he has been doing.

Roy, a Chicago native, also spent some of his formative years in New Jersey. He explains that this helped him absorb some East Coast swagger while still maintaining his Chicago attitude and Midwest charm.

That combination may also contribute to Roy’s overall positive and extremely energetic vibe. If you’re able to catch one of his exuberant live performances, which I highly recommend you do, you can experience this firsthand.

This high level energy is not limited to only his performances. In fact, it exudes from every aspect of his life. Throughout our conversation he was incredibly animated, speaking a mile a minute and clearly enthusiastic about his art and all the projects he is working on. This energy may also be one of the main influences behind his most recent work’s name and theme, Vroom. The title as well as the artwork both reference motocross racing. He explains he has always been into the aesthetic and often wears motocross gear, but that the intensity and split-second decision-making involved in the sport is something else that attracts him to it.

Which makes sense. After all, he treats daily life like a motocross race. He was even able to go out into the sticks and learn how to ride a dirtbike while making this EP, making the entire playlist all the more genuine.

French is not only a talented rapper, but also excels in other areas like film and design. He is currently in school for film, and has directed and edited the music videos for some of the singles off Vroom.

Outside of film and music he also dabbles in fashion. In fact, he’s currently in the process of creating his own clothing line, Vroom Sports.

Roy French is as talented as he is charismatic and he is sure to make some big moves in the future. He will also be promoting his new project and playing plenty of shows in the area as well, so give him a follow on his highly active Instagram to keep up with him.

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