Pitchfork is an artist’s festival. You don’t go unless you give a f*ck about music, art and expression. You see professional creators in the crowd instead of baffling teenagers frolicking around half naked with their posse of bros who spent the day playing beer pong to pre-game (IE Lollapalooza).

There are big names like LCD Soundsystem and The Avalanches but more importantly, there are subtle (not in persona), yet to be discovered names like Madame Ghandi (she kicks the festival off Friday at 1pm, Red Stage). The crowd at a 1pm Pitchfork show puts any other festival’s early-day crowd to shame. That has to do with the festival’s attendees legitimately caring about supporting those smaller named artists. One of the main drivers behind that support is the fact that many of the attendees are, again, professional creators or artists themselves.

Pitchfork Music Festival isn’t a party. It’s a celebration, an expose of unique talent unhampered by the greater mainstream corporate music machine. The Festival has obvious, authentic relationships with artists like Vince Staples, Mac Demarco and Solange and they use their assets to elevate the careers of these artists. The Festival is an eloquent extension of the greater Pitchfork brand.

Canvas will be there to document, through photography, moments that reflect that authentic experience Pitchfork Music Festival provides. Stay tuned post-festival and we hope to see you there.

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