A Chicago native, Cachet began her artistic journey in local, underground venues until she was well established in the scene. To her, allowing artists to find their voice and balance their art as both pleasure and profession was pertinent.

In 2012, she decided to carry the creative momentum onward and start the Chicago chapter of The Infusion Project, which helps like-minded artists navigate the challenges of turning one’s passions into a business. Eventually, Cachet’s drive led her to LA, offering her music an entirely new perspective within the LA underground scene.

After studying classical piano for over 20 years, Cachet decided to switch up her style and experiment with disk jockeying. She discovered that making music “outside the house-music umbrella” offered her a chance to analyze the House genre and expand its almost limitless boundaries.

“I realized that Deep House and Tech House or Classical House and Soul House are just niche languages in the multi-lingual, universal language we call music. No matter what, music will always be a feeling. Why limit myself when the soul has vast knowledge of emotions? I’m not only beginning to experiment with different genres, but I also take into account different environments music takes space.”

Now, she mixes vibrant, funky beats to create music that not only embodies the vastness of House, but also taps into listeners’ emotions by connecting them to different environments. Cachet’s most recent projects use themes of highly emotive and intriguing scenery—such as deep sea and outer space—to influence the mood of the music she incorporates with each location. These audiovisual mixes also feature local visual and performance artists such as Ennis Martin, Kim Molenda, and Macartny Laveau.

Though she lives in California, Cachet never fails to return to her Chicago roots as her performances often cycle between LA and her hometown. As a longtime follower of Canvas, Cachet is excited to be part of our approaching Secret Sauce event on October 7th:

“To me, Canvas is a beacon of hope. It’s everything the art world needs right now, and I’m grateful to be part of this event with every intention to continue contributing to its movement forward.”

Check out Cachet’s page for more information about her past and upcoming projects. And, make sure to hear her live at Secret Sauce.

Check out Cachet at Secret Sauce, October 7th.

Talent: versatile (designer/photographer/musician)
Style: multi-cultural (Afro/Soul/Classic/Acid/Funk/Tribal)
Sauce: rich (dark chocolate)

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