If you are in the market for some rare sneakers and streetwear, or vintage sportswear and band merch in Chicago, Boneyard is where you need to go. Boneyard’s brick and mortar location in the Noble Square neighborhood of Chicago is a result of three friends with a shared love of fashion linking up and taking their clothing hustle to the next level. 

New look for the shop. Come see what's hangin around 👆

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Chicago native and curator for the store, Jacob S., says he grew up frequenting thrift stores with his mom. After his mom stopped buying clothes for him, he revisited some of the old thrift stores from his childhood and ended up copping some fresh fits. While flexing his new vintage gear, he realized he may have found a niche for himself.

After that, it was a wrap for Jacob. He was soon hustling clothes and collecting vintage gear to resell it at a higher price. Most people think of rare Jordans and Supreme gear when they hear about resellers, but he’s more interested in non-branded vintage graphic tees and band tees. After diving headfirst into the vintage clothing game, he ended up linking up with another clothing reseller, Tony Jankum, because they were both involved in a similar hustle.

“I am really into vintage, I mean that’s what I do and I really love it. I get kinda hype over anything vintage,” Jacob explains.

Tony is the owner of Boneyard. As Jacob explained, he was also reselling gear — but his main hustle was sneakers. Things had been going so well, he decided to open up his own store because it was the next logical step after selling online for so long. The two decided to team up, with Jacob assisting in curating and buying clothes for Tony’s new venture. This is how Boneyard was born.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the store’s official product photographer, Griffin Gher. He got involved with Boneyard when he met Jacob at a sneaker convention in Cincinnati. The two hit it off and continued to keep in touch. Though Griffin moved to the West Coast for a minute, when the Boneyard opened up, he decided to move Chicago to help his homies with the shop.

The store has a really chill vibe. It’s covered not only in vintage clothes, but all types of vintage memorabilia as well. The trio all enjoy riding BMX bikes, so there is usually bikes in the store and some dope rap music playing as the store’s soundtrack. There’s also a sneaker vending machine game that is similar to the claw arcade game where shoppers have the chance to pay a dollar to win a pair of sneakers. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention to store’s in-house pup, Dougie, who is an adorable dog that belongs to Jacob and is usually chilling around the store as well.

The Boneyard instagram story is always showing what rare goods they will be putting on the floor that day, so it would definitely be a good idea to follow them at @boneyard_chicago. Also, seeing as they are coming up on their one year anniversary, I would imagine they may be having a birthday party for the store soon, so be on the lookout for that. Lastly, go pay Dougie the doggo a visit at their shop at 917 N Ashland Ave and pick up some fly vintage gear.

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