It’s been a few weeks now since SubChroma, and yet, its effects are now just only slightly waning. Since the rush of the event—which hosted an expressive spectacle of original performances and technological achievements—is still in our veins, we think it deserves a once-over. Between the careful curation of Lefty Out There’s gallery in one room; to the live, digital staging of his painting in another; not to mention the immersive, digital galleries that featured artists like Hanksy, the Cybertwee Colletive and Sam Rolfes; there’s much to remember. And if you have trouble recalling any of it, you’re not alone.

The event was highlighted with the artistic, projection stylings of Vincent Naples to the music of Derrick Carter, BengFeng, Fancy Fux, Jim-E Stack, Megan Taylor and The Range. Naples held the visual stimulation for the majority of the evening, along with Elizabeth Margulis’ models all decked out in white with matching icy, bobbed wigs. The night surged with excitement, and was fueled by crafty cocktails and an unquenchable thirst for connection.

Waves of light dashed atop dancers’ heads and collapsed across the audience’s white clothing while the soundscape inspired the crowd to oscillate between friends and strangers. Lines and friendships formed to take a glimpse at galleries individually and virtually with HTC Vive and Google Cardboard headsets. The overall feeling at SubChroma was one of community and amalgamation—a blending of art and technology, artist and audience.

Three weeks pass and the aftermath of SubChroma still lingers. When the smoke finally does clear, Voyager is right around the corner to lead us into another inspired haze.

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