Welcome to Episode 4 of Rip Rop with Josh & Del.

Our guests this week need little to no introduction as active member of not only the arts community, but the Canvas community as well. Keith Smith (Afrokilla) and Ed Harris (Edamame) are among the most prolific creators and hardest hustlers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – those who’ve met them would likely agree. Working in different mediums (arts & music, respectively), Afrokilla’s eye-candy murals can be found throughout the city while Edamame has recently released his 12th album.

Press play and get to know these familiar faces just a little bit better.

Rip Rop Featuring Afrokilla & Edamame

Produced by: Marci F. & Joel Gutman

Audio Engineer: Joel Gutman

Special thanks:

Fat Tongue Studios


Sebastian Hagan


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